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The Tile Master

The world's only swing away heat press specifically designed
for maximum sublimated ceramic tile production.

Manufactured exclusively for Alpha Supply Co., by George Knight Company, The Tile Master™ heat press is designed to deliver maximum heat and production efficiency. Using inkjet sublimation transfers, The Tile Master™ heat press effortlessly produces decorative ceramic tile like backsplash tile, tile art, tile murals, mosaic tile, ceramic picture tile, art deco tile, photo ceramic tile, decorative ceramic plates and much more.

Although we call the heat press The Tile Master™ because of its unique features and benefits, it is much more. The press is a powerful tool that also greatly increases efficiency with any type of job.

Example Tile

This site is a page by page tour, providing complete information about The Tile Master™ heat press and other tile heat press options, an overview of the production process, a tutorial on decorating tiles with inkjet sublimation, links to excellent ceramic tile manufacturers and pricing. At the end of your tour we provide a complete business review, to help you consider your possibilities and opportunities.

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